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Humic acid-ecological benefits.

The ecological benefits of humic acids are diverse and present profitable and effective solutions for environmental problems and the preservation of the environment.  

First of all ,soils with a high content of humic acid are a guarantee for low nitrate leaching and for optimum nutrient efficiency,  A well developed root system which is achieved by a high content of humic acid prevents that nitrate and pesticides mix in with groundwater.Furthermore, a low content of nitrate is an indicator and a prerequisite for appropriate organic agriculture,  It happens very often that growers use fertilizers more than plants can take up, this leads to nitrate concentration in soil which is later to be found in groundwater.

A purification plant which should sink contaminated water under a value of five milligrams NO3 per liter in complicated flows means very high material costs at the same time.

instead of curing the symptoms water contamination only the root causes a nitrate leaching should be fought against.

Secondly , Humic acids reduce the over salination problem in the application of water soluble mineral fertilizers.

humic acids are able to decrease high salt content in soils and thus the resulting toxicity, especially the NH4-N toxicity of fertilizers containing ammonia is reduced which is of great importance for young plants particularly.

Generally, humic acids reduce root burning which comes about through excessive salt concentrations and soils after fertilization ,in case of permanent high levels of salt in soils. these are reduced.

Furthermore, when humic acids are mixed with liquid fertilizers ,the undesirable smell is diminished 

Thirdly,  humic acids are an effective means to fight against soil erosion, this is achieved both by increasing the ability of soil colloids to combine and by enhancing root system and plant development.  Humic acid and its benefits have been certified by many international organic agriculture institutions. 

Economic benefits of humic acids  

Humic acids chelates nutrient compounds, especially iron in the soil to a form suitable for plant utilization, thus the nutrient supply of plants is optimized high increases up to 70% in yield ,accompanied by a reduction of up to 30% can be used to fertilizers and pesticides ,as well as better and healthier growth of green grass, ornamental, agricultural crops and woods can be attained with the regular application of first quality humic acids.  Furthermore, water holding capacity of soils is increased considerably which means that use of water can be reduced substantially.

The best economic results can be obtained in light and sandy soils or in hummus as well as onry cultivation feel the diverse positive impacts of humic acids are to be observed particularly in such soils

This is true for almost all soil in dry and warm regions .As a result of the high mineralization rate organic substances providing these soils with stable humic acid is indispensable for the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility.

03. 12. 2018